Visual Journaling

One can easily say that imagery is a silent language that reveals the truth of our thoughts, feelings and emotions far more deeply than words. Visual Journaling involves using one’s inner vision to imagine what a thought, feeling or emotional reaction would look like if it were expressed as a shape, color, or image. This process moves one between left and right brain processes to harness what I call “whole brain expression.” When you map out the symbolism of your subconscious mind you open up to your higher wisdom, the wisdom innate within the body, that goes beyond words and into a language of the Soul. This process can uncover subconscious blocks, help facilitate deep release, and moves troubled emotions out of the body and onto the page energetically so that the healing process can begin.


What You Need For Your Visual Journaling Session

  • 2 pieces of paper (one to doodle on and one to write on)

  • Colored markers, crayons, colored pens (since we are dealing with subconscious processes all things esp. color contain meaning)

  • A pen to write with.

This is a process to gain information, not necessarily to create art, though that can happen. You don’t have to be an artist to benefit from this process. Just an open mind and the ability to tune into your inner world. What symbols do you associate with your Leadership Power? In other words, draw those things that relate to your story or journey into leadership. What shows up and what can you learn?