The Call To Serve

I have always been one to play in the extremes of polarities. I used enjoy exploring the spectrum of possibilities in order to understand my world better. My career is no exception. In my last corporate gig I was Vice President of Investor Relations, working on Wall Street and helping to take companies public. I learned a great deal about the financial system, the free market, and the economy. It was intellectually stimulating work, financially enriching, and at the same time I personally found it to be emotionally barren. In true form I then decided to flip to the other end of the polarity and become a psychotherapist so that I could serve others in a more direct fashion. This work is WILDLY emotionally fulfilling, incredibly intellectually stimulating, but not even close to being as financially enriching as Wall Street was. This journey has placed me ultimately into to a more balanced position and led me to ask some rather deep questions of myself and where I believe true value should be placed. If salary is an indicator of the value of a person’s work why do we as a society place more of a value on financial systems than humanistic ones, and since I personally don’t ascribe to this outlook, how can I change it? It is precisely these questions that led to the creation of Laura Kohn Group, LLC., a non profit that seeks to instill greater amounts of well being to those who have personally placed their highest value on serving human beings above materialistic systems.

Beyond Transformation has decided to serve communities through the creation of FREE wellbeing programs for our first responders. By implementing in house yoga, meditation, and stress management programs with Fire Departments, EMTs and Police Departments, Beyond Transformation seeks to have our front line responders and their families benefit from performing at their peak and feeling enthusiastic about their careers and the communities they serve. This in turn allows everyone in the community to benefit by creating cohesion and stability without any additional burdens on taxpayers.

Beyond Transformation is focused on teaching the benefits of natural proactive healthcare to others in order to step outside the paradigm of symptom management. It is our absolute goal to provide the first responders community the tools and skills to create happiness and wellbeing at the foundational level and through this work a ripple of positivity spreads to every person they come in contact with.

This is how we serve, and this is who we are!