Meet The Founders

Laura Kohn, LMHC, CHt

President and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Laura Kohn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Hypnotherapist, and has been practicing for over 17 years in Fort Lauderdale and now Punta Gorda. She specializes in the emotionally painless treatment of trauma and abuse and has been a pioneer in the areas of linking hypnotherapy, quantum physics, psychology, and ancient wisdom traditions into easily accessible but profound methods of rapid and lasting transformation. Laura has worked with numerous veterans groups, Victim Services of Broward County, and the Florida Innocence Project which works to clear trauma from people who have been falsely imprisoned and released on DNA evidence. She also has extensive experience working with victims of clergy sexual abuse as well as adult survivors of childhood abuse. She specializes in creating synergistic systems of treatment that clear blocks at the conscious, subconscious, and even cellular level allowing her clients to live fully in the present and break free of the past.

​Laura started her career in counseling as the Lead Therapist for The Women's Institute of Incorporation Therapy in Hollywood Florida, which was a nationally ranked trauma treatment program. She has specialized experience in the treatment of Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder and her clients now extend across the globe.

​Prior to counseling, Laura was steeped in the travel industry where she worked on multiple multinational programs as a General Manager for an $80 million dollar business unit. She has always excelled in the creation of humanistic systems that allow everyone to contribute to a common goal while allowing each member of her team to shine in their own right. In her last position as Vice President of Investor Relations, Laura's job was to assist her company to go public through the IPO or Initial Public Offering process. Laura has corporate experience in Project Management, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, and Operations. Laura also has specialized experience in the treatment of executive burnout and work life balance issues due to corporate experience.

Sandra Tillett RYT 500

Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Sandra is a specialist in Organizational Leadership and Somatic Release.

Spending thirty plus years in the retail industry, as an Executive Vice President, she was a leader responsible for the field organization, corporate operations, E-commerce, and more. Sandra is also a certified meditation teacher, reiki master and a trained 500-hour yoga instructor.

Her expertise has led to the formulation of an approach to wellness that impacts individuals, and organizations. Bringing together the ideas of equanimity, balance and responsibility she is focused on changing the conversation around how the world sees leaders, and how leaders impact the world around them.

As a wellness facilitator, Sandra has an extensive understanding of the human body and psyche. Her objective is to bring ease and mobility to the body and to your life, giving you added strength, flexibility and health. Her approach is to aid you in trusting yourself, embodying your true and authentic self, with ease, grace and confidence.

Board Members
Jordan D. Glass, Esq.

Private Corporate Attorney

A veteran attorney for 30 years, Jordan works in the corporate sector and is an expert in tax, trust and estate law. His support has been tremendous in regards to program support and legal advise.

Greg Tillett

Retired Senior Executive

Greg has a passion for supporting the efforts around eduction and support of mental health and wellness for all. His background in Organizational Leadership and Operations, he supports the efforts of our initiatives providing guidance and expertise in regards to our operational efficiencies.