Today, I Stand In My Power

If Power is a Choice granted to all, then why have women been labeled as being tough, controlling, difficult or manipulative when being in their power?

I would say that as women our power has been reduced because of the limiting beliefs we have been taught, or imposed upon ourselves.

Power is defined as a capability or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or course of events.*

Shouldn't power be celebrated when it is presented in a creative way, a balanced and equitable approach that can be regal, graceful, eloquent, even nurturing? Why has the feminine power of feelings and emotion become a negative connotation? Equanimity or balance are keys to finding the POWER that allows us to achieve even the most daunting of goals. From my perspective, the yin & yang, or balance of masculine and feminine power, holds the most notable and holistic approach to dealing with conflict, opportunities and achievement.


Because when you embrace the fact that being in your divine feminime power has nothing to do with being a female, and everything to do with expressing, nurturing, mentoring and guiding others to achieve more for themselves you find that the power of change, community and leadership take on a whole new dimension. An opportunity where true power can be expressed in an assertive and non-aggressive way.

The need for both the divine masculine and feminime approach to power is necessary, and must be found as a balance, so we don't miss the opportunity to embrace our true nature. We are both, and need to acknowledge, leverage and express both, when in a leadership role. It is with that balance in mind that as women step into the roles of CEO, Head of Household or Leadership: being respected for their unique talents and combined understanding of harmony within the world around them.

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*Power defined, Oxford Languages