Power Is A Choice


by Sandra Tillett & Laura Kohn

There are many ways to approach leadership, and believe us, we too have been exposed to many different programs over the years. Team building, servant leadership and authoritarian leadership are all examples and they have purpose depending on what is needed in any given situation.

But what if you could embrace your personal leadership style, leveraging who you are naturally, and align your goals, beliefs, priorities and company objectives, regardless of your position, level of authority or perceived influence?

The l2 Principles of Aligned Leadership is designed to support you, your goals, your priorities and your impact in a way that is authentic to you, increasing your influence and aligning to your purpose, or what matters to you most. We have designed a workshop that leads you through practices that are practical in everyday situations.

So…What is Aligned Leadership?

This approach is all about understanding how leaders connect to company objectives, and the execution, buy in and achievement of those priorities.

With that in mind we explore each principle, in a way that is creativite, experiential and comprehensive, bringing into alignment your personal beliefs and purpose, to those of your organization and your team.

We begin with the idea that POWER is a CHOICE

Starting here we focus on the following;

  1. Understanding your personal sovereignty

  2. Embodying and leveraging your authentic self

  3. Embracing your own POWER

Let's use the archetype of a Queen who believes in her own nobility whether she lives in a castle or a cottage. Her inner divinity is embedded in her consciousness as “knowingness”.

SHE IS SOUL, OR HIGHER SELF. All she must do is choose to embody her role fully to claim her sovereignty. A Queen is powerful, graceful, full of poise and dignity and this cannot be diminished by her outer circumstances. She is untouchable in that no external forces or factors can diminish her truth. She walks the line between needing the support of her people and exercising her power to make unpopular decisions she knows will ultimately benefit all.

She is thus, strength personified. She does not question her legitimacy to rule. It was granted by birthright just as a rose does not question whether it is worthy of the yard in which it sits. It fulfills its purpose by blooming, just as the Queen fulfills her purpose by serving.

  1. The Queen exhibits fine personal or NOBLE qualities and high moral principles and ideals such as patience, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, dignity, and respect.

  2. This is done to set the standard for the realm or state of consciousness she seeks to intentionally create. If she does not uphold these virtues she can’t expect her subjects to do so. The role is treated with REVERENCE. The Queen holds reverence sacred, for when all things are treated with reverence, all things become reverent. This allows her to open the state for others to enter and not only create flow but also balance the kingdom.

  3. The Queen honors, recognizes, and acknowledges excellence where she seeks it, through the intentional creation of the highest standards possible throughout all realms and concourses under her jurisdiction. The standard is to expect the best from others. Those who consistently uphold these high standards are Knighted, for one can only be at the highest level if they can do so CONSISTENTLY.

  4. The Queen provides cohesive flowing engagement by the embodiment of the higher principles of integrity, truth, compassion, respect, loyalty, and justice. She is responsible for holding the state or space open for others to enter, and allows for balance among all. In return for this she receives copious amounts of support from others, for others know her value sustains the highest good of all, therefore she has unlimited support from others. Deeper matters may be unseen to others on the outside, just as her gifts may appear to be mysterious as they are not always spoken of since part of what she does is hold a frequency. But it is always her conscious intention to maintain harmony for all by the embodiment of the higher principals. She is fed, clothed, housed etc. so she does this and can concentrate on higher things.

Understanding and embracing Power as Choice means your value is never in question.

Your example is beyond reproach when aligned to your principles.

Respect is given when earned. Your team members achievements are recognized, celebrated and leveraged when alignment and consistency is demonstrated.

Holding space for yourself and others is key to the embodiment of this leadership practice.