Changing the Paradigm in Uncertain Times

TRANSFORMED work environments?

Keeping remote workers focused, involved and informed.

Kicking off this series of articles, let's discuss the new work environment.

Remote offices make up the new ”office building”.

No commute, closer to the family and a perceived freedom, it seems to be a perfect scenario for addressing today's need to social distancing.

But once the novelty wears off from working remotely, the office can be disorganized, unproductive, lonely, difficult to work in and people can feel disconnected from themselves and each other. Sitting in front of a zoom meeting, and becoming glued to the screen, individual energy diminishes.

Motivation, enthusiasm, and sameness sets in.

So what can be done differently, making these new realities a positive and beneficial change?

People need ways to stay connected to themselves, their teams and their individual work. Three ways to create a productive work environment includes;

Doing the Work & Refresh

Give Information & Solicit Feedback

Create Community NOT Committies

I will start with ”Work and Refresh”.

People need to find enrichment in their lives. Work-life balance is meaningless unless your life is balanced.

Your inner self must be nourished by the simulation created in your work. There is equally an important consideration for your physical well being. The practice of somatic movement connects the mind and body. It improves clarity, purpose, productivity, and reminds you that there is a sense of connection to the whole. Exploring this allows you to connect to your environment, your work, and your community. It starts with finding your center and staying aware of that grounding as you proceed in your day.

How is this done? Encouraged by your community, leadership, and being self-motivated, take the time to connect through the body. Using techniques such as breathwork, gentle yoga, and mindfulness. They will improve and reenergize your focus, intention, and motivate your productivity.

One example of this mind-body relationship is breathwork. If you have a watch that reminds you to breathe you know what I am referencing!


Get up and find a comfortable seat. Set a timer for 5 minutes.

Now either close your eyes or soften your eyes into an unfocused gaze.

Listen to your breathing.

Now on each inhale, count to 3, each exhale count to 4.

Take your time.

After a few breaths, increase the count...

Inhale 4, Exhale 5

Inhale 5, Exhale 6

Just listen to your extended breath, and if

your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

This is normal and the trick is to see how quickly can you reconnect with your breath.

Find that place of calm, no mind and clarity.

Pay attention to what comes up, but let it go.

Coming back from the 5 minutes, take time to observe your breathing. Observe your body, is there tension, is it more relaxed? Is there a shift? What do you notice?

This and many other techniques are available. Google alternate nostril breathing, which balances the brain hemispheres or the breath of fire, which can switch on the body, if you are feeling lethargic. There are a number of practices that done regularly will help you find relief and help you refocus during the day!

In the next the article, we will dive into the notion of ”Give Information & Solicit Feedback”.

Sending you light and clarity!


Sandra Tillett is the co-founder of and

A Senior Executive, she spent over 30 years as a leader, mentor, and coach. Retiring she established a yoga studio, received her 500-hour yoga certification and is primordial sound meditation teacher through the Chopra Center.