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Trauma Therapy in Coral Springs

The effects of trauma, both direct and indirect, are complex and far-reaching. Unresolved trauma, regardless of the initial cause, can negatively affect nearly every area of one’s life and relationships.

If past trauma is interfering with the quality of your life, reach out to the therapists at Laura Kohn Group LLC. We employ a variety of proven methods centered around hypnotherapy so you can address and move past the impact of trauma.

You will emerge feeling enlightened and refreshed, with a new sense of hope and confidence for the future.

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Empathetic, Compassionate Trauma Treatment and Therapy Sessions


While physical trauma can heal with time, the psychological impact of traumatic ordeals and experiences can be far more complicated to treat. PTSD therapy takes a multi-faceted approach to address the lasting effects of abuse, violence, and other events.

Trauma can manifest itself in many outward behaviors, including:

  • Feelings of Hopelessness
  • Impulsive or Reckless Actions
  • Addictions (substance abuse and gambling)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

We recognize that readdressing trauma can be, in itself, traumatic after surviving, which is why we gently and compassionately approach each of our patients.

Our methods are proven to provide relief from invasive flashbacks, nightmares, harmful memories, and other lasting effects of trauma.

To learn about whether our services may be right for you, contact us today. We look forward to helping you.

PTSD Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Your trauma therapy session will take place in a relaxing, inviting facility dedicated to your comfort. You will be eased into a sense of calmness and inner peace so that you can establish a rapport with your therapist.

Our holistic approach to trauma treatment incorporates hypnotherapy, rapid resolution therapy, traditional talk therapy, and other methods. We establish a true connection and articulate the causes of what is holding you back.

We’ll help you find freedom and a sense of optimism. You can overcome these past ordeals and be stronger than ever, and we are here to help! 

Trauma Therapist with Years of Successful Practice Experience

Our qualified, experienced therapists have been providing exceptional services for a number of years. We have helped countless patients move forward after surviving a variety of traumatic moments.

We recognize that no two patients are alike, and we make the effort to get to know you and personalize the approach. We can set up regular treatment appointments with you, supporting and encouraging you in times of need.

You don’t need to suffer alone. We are here for you!

Regain Peace and Confidence with Exceptional Trauma Therapy Sessions

Take the upper hand with the outstanding hypnotherapy services offered by Laura Kohn Group LLC. We have successfully assisted patients from all walks of life to move past a wide variety of traumatic experiences.

We have the knowledge, skills, and empathetic approach to help you.

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