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Individual & Couples Counseling

Laura Kohn Group LLC employs licensed counselors experience in dealing with issues pertaining to marriage, divorce, new couples, and blended families. Below, are just some of the individual and couples counseling services that we provide in Fort Lauderdale.

Stress Management

Nowadays we are all being asked to do more in less time. Managing the needs of family life, career demands, and the constant pressure to keep up leaves many people overworked, and stressed out. Laura Kohn Group LLC can help you create a balance by prioritizing what is most important to you. We’ll teach you tools you can use to detach from work and create a more fulfilling personal life while managing family demands and goals.

Couples/Premarital/Marital Counseling

The road to falling in love and getting married can be a rocky one. Laura Kohn Group LLC has helped couples identify hidden issues, including “deal breakers”, before being married. We have resolved fundamental problems that have plagued married and non married couples through mediation, and trust and intimacy building.

Generalized Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Laura Kohn Group LLC is experienced in the treatment of phobias and generalized anxiety. Whether you’re just experiencing chronic worrisome thoughts, or you find yourself suffering from debilitating panic attacks, we’ll teach you the tools and methods to decrease anxiety levels so you feel better quickly.

Bereavement and Frozen Grief

Sometime we get “stuck” in the grief process when we’ve lost someone close to us. When that happens, some of us need help with strategies to rebuild and get back to the routine of living. Others just need help to “go there” and allow themselves to accept and grieve the loss in a safe place, knowing they won’t be consumed by the grieving process.

At Laura Kohn Group LLC we provide support and guidance to assist you in getting through the shock and loss of a loved one. We’ll help you with tools to manage the intense emotions, find meaning and purpose to your life again, and create ways to best honor your loved one in ways that are right for you.

Infidelity and Heartbreak

It seems that infidelity is becoming more and more commonplace with the hypersexualization that permeates our current culture. If you have been cheated on, are tempted to cheat, or have cheated on your partner, Laura Kohn Group LLC can help you cope with betrayal, prevent a life-altering mistake, or deal with the guilt and ramifications that result from infidelity.

Anger Management

Laura Kohn Group LLC provides anger management training to dismantle the negative beliefs that fuel feelings of anger, while teaching conflict resolution, and communication skills. You’ll also learn to lengthen your “fuse”, so that you can respond consciously to the situation, instead of automatically reacting in a negative fashion.

Parenting Coordination

Role reversals are becoming more common in these doubtful economic times. Problems pertaining to parenting conflicts and children can tear a family apart. At Laura Kohn Group LLC we are here to assist and to ensure that does not happen to you.

Sexual Abuse Treatment

Perhaps the most devastating crime that can befall a person is being sexually abused by a relative. Incest is more common than what the media would have you believe, and Laura Kohn Group LLC will help a sexual abuse victim get through their harrowing ordeal.

Trauma and Abuse

If you have been a victim of verbal or physical abuse, or have undergone a traumatic event – such as the death of a loved one - we can help you overcome your fears and sorrows, and also to get the protection you deserve.


  • Stress Management, Couples/Premarital/Marital Counseling
  • Generalized Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Bereavement and Frozen Grief
  • Infidelity and Heartbreak, Anger Management, Trauma and Abuse
  • Parenting Coordination, Sexual Abuse Treatment