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Group Counseling

We offer several groups that are designed to help you take your personal growth to the next level. Our groups meet once a week and all learning is done in a fun and casual atmosphere. Groups tend to be more lively and interactive than one on one therapy sessions, and learning is done in session and then applied to your daily life. Please call (954)594-6670 for times and dates availability. Currently we are offering the following groups:

Conscious Creativity

Learn to break through limiting beliefs and create the life you want CONSCIOUSLY. This group will teach you the skills you need to think more creatively by being effect driven. Don’t let your life just happen to you, be the creator of your life and the author of your story. Learn how to drop the filters of self doubt and experience reality in new ways through this powerful group experience.

The 11 Rules of Queenship – Step into Your Personal Power without Apology

As women we give away our power in a dozen different ways every day. Learn to reclaim your personal power and regain your sovereignty through this dynamic group. Participants will learn the basic aspects of personal power and how to use them more effectively. Learn to say no, set effective boundaries, and achieve your goals by becoming the Queen of your domain both in the workplace and at home.

Come Walk With the Ancients – How to Apply Ancient Wisdom to Live in Balance Today

Enter a world of magic, mystery, and sacred knowledge and learn how the ancients viewed themselves, the cosmos, and the meaning of life. Through a discovery of ancient metaphors, symbolism, and beliefs we’ll explore various Archetypes of growth and healing and how we can use this powerful knowledge to program our own reality and create internal peace and harmony. You’ll walk through the world of the ancient Egyptians, the Alchemists and others and explore the convergence of science and spirituality and why this knowledge is experiencing a re-emergence today.