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Anxiety & Depression

At Laura Kohn Group LLC, we believe our dedication, experience, and professionalism offers our clients the very best of options and treatments. We assess all our patients on multiple aspects, such as lifestyle, learning style, core values, budget requirements, and of course time constraints. Laura Kohn Group LLC patients receive more of a holistic approach to treatment than they might with other clinics. It is not uncommon for those suffering from mental illness or difficulties have a complex set of compounding mental, biochemical, physical and perspective-based issues. We offer interactive healing and will create a treatment program tailored specifically to each and every client.

The following is a brief overview of some of the mental wellness therapies offered by Laura Kohn Group LLC

Depression and Mood Disorders

We treat various depression and mood disorders including generalized anxiety, seasonal affective, obsessive compulsive, post-traumatic, and bi-polar disorders, as well as mild, major, and psychotic depression.

Executive Coaching and Career Burnout

Let’s face it, everyone is under pressure to do more with less time.

Creating a balance between work and home life is not easy. Managing multiple priorities, time constraints, and family pressures can be tricky, especially if you’ve lost your drive or passion.

We can help you develop a strategy to feel more fulfilled and less stressed. Whether you are looking to take your career to the next level; find more enjoyment in your current career; or switch careers completely; we will work with you to achieve your goals in the way that works best for you.

Fear of Flying

We can eliminate aerophobia using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy and systematic desensitization techniques. Or put some simply, we can dismantle the negative beliefs and physical sensations that have made flying unpleasant quickly and painlessly.

Anger Management

Laura Kohn Group LLC provides anger management services to help you dismantle the beliefs systems that create anger and frustration; greatly eliminate the physical sensations of anger or rage; and teach you how to resolve conflict quickly and effectively.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Laura Kohn Group LLC continues to treat many patients in Lauderdale By The Sea dealing with OCD using psychotherapy hypnotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, depending on whether the obsession is an obtrusive behaviour or thought based.


At Laura Kohn Group LLC , we are professionals trained to resolve a wide array of phobias including claustrophobia, agoraphobia, acrophobia, homophobia, xenophobia, arachnophobia and bacillophobia. The most common phobias we deal with are a fear of public speaking, fear of flying, fear of heights or bridges, or social phobia.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Laura Kohn Group LLC specializes in the treatment of PTSD in an emotionally painless fashion.

Laura Kohn, as an expert in the treatment of trauma and abuse, has successfully treated clients from all over the country, and around the world. She is trained in numerous trauma based modalities including Rapid Resolution Therapy, Incorporation Therapy, Reality Therapy, and Rapid Reduction Technique or RRT. She also has specialized experience in the treatment of Dissociative Disorders, including Dissociative Identity Disorder (commonly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder).

Stress and Anxiety Management

If the stress and anxiety in your life are affecting your overall wellbeing and lifestyle, then our professionals can help! Using Matrix Energetics, meditation, hypnotherapy and a personalized stress and anxiety management plan, we can help you with the following.


  • Depression and Mood Disorders, Fear of Flying
  • Executive Coaching and Career Burnout, Anger Managment
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Phobias
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Stress and Anxiety Management